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MindGenius Success Stories.

Thousands of Customers have used MindGenius to Achieve their Goals, Improve Productivity and More!

Mapping Out Strategic Planning
20:20 Consulting

20:20 Consulting use MindGenius to bring clarity to a wealth of complex information to determine the best path forward for their clients.

Share Ideas From Anywhere In The World

Alford Technologies use MindGenius Online to communicate and share project ideas from anywhere in the world.

Organise Your Workload and Task Management

Arora recognise MindGenius as a “must-have” tool for planning and managing complex and heavy workflow.

Save Time by Facilitating Effective Meeting
Baker Hughes

During the ash cloud crisis in Europe, many organisations were crippled by an inability to reach clients or colleagues around the world. Using MindGenius in conjunction with web collaboration tools such as…

Improve Productivity with Multi Project Management Capability
British Council

Robert Taylor is Deputy Director Business Services Nigeria, working for the British Council in a country operation with over 200 staff working across four offices.  The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for…

Improved Strategic Planning Saves Time and Removes Duplication
British Energy

MindGenius was installed at British Energy, East Kilbride site in the summer of 2001. Initially purchased to assist the finance department to plan a major financial systems upgrade, it’s since exceeded…

Improve Sales Presentations Try a more creative and visual approach
Birch Worldwide

In testing economic times, sales departments have more of a challenge on their hands to maintain sales figures, let alone improve upon them. With this in mind, The Times produced a supplement which focused on ways to improve sales performance. This included…

Visually Representing Financial Strategy to Engage Clients
BSG Valentine

Many people who have used MindGenius, may have used it for planning and to generate more creative ideas but may not realise how it can also be applied in the financial planning arena. One company who is doing this is BSG Valentine…

Bringing Clarity to Complex Information
Coyle Financial Counsel

For many clients, financial planning can be a dry subject. But when Coyle Financial Counsel opens up a fresh MindGenius map in meetings, everything changes. By using the software, the firm’s financial planners…

Efficiency and Consistency in Project Planning
University of Edinburgh

Mark Ritchie is Deputy Director and Head of Project Services, Information Services – Applications Division, University of Edinburgh and he recently shared with us the many significant uses of MindGenius throughout the University campus. Mark was instrumental in introducing MindGenius…

Brainstorming to Build Greater Understanding
Elections New Brunswick

Nathan Phillips is Assistant Electoral Officer with Elections New Brunswick in Canada. He uses MindGenius to prepare his annual work plan, to initiate special projects, to prepare training programs for new employees, and to prepare manuals for use in an election. For example…

Improved Strategic Planning and Review

Exceed is an industry leading consultancy that specialises in delivering a world-class deepwater well capability as well as performance improvement and recruitment solutions to the Energy Sector and heavy industries around the Globe. MindGenius is used as a planning and review tool…

Cost Reduction from Process Improvement

Process Improvement was made easier at Hallmark with the implementation of MindGenius. It is used for the initial creative stage before moving into action planning and project management…

Track and Manage Your Projects and Workload
HELIX Enery Solutions

Effectively plan and prioritise workloads and project work when you adopt MindGenius Online.

Productivity Improvements of 70%

MindGenius was first installed in Honeywell, Motherwell site, soon after its release in January 2001. Since installing MindGenius, Honeywell have witnessed many benefits including an increase in employee efficiency, productivity and creativity. Amazingly it has reduced…

Transforming Project Management
Interactive Data

Interactive Data is a trusted leader in financial information. The Company’s businesses supply real-time market data, time sensitive pricing, fixed income evaluated pricing, and reference data. The Operations and Client Services (OCS) organisation within…

Project Planning and Control
Life Technologies

Henry Miller is ERP Project Manager at Life Technologies and has been using MindGenius for 9 months. He uses MindGenius for project planning and control on all shapes and sizes of projects. These can range from global supply chain change management projects to mini-projects…

Tackling Complex Business Challenges

Lumison use MindGenius to capture every aspect of project assignment to present requirements as a working plan, saving their own team and clients time and effort in finding solutions to business challenges….

Improved Project Management Processes with Effective Brainstorming
Maughan Design

Based in Portland, Oregon, Maughan Design has offered kitchen and bathroom design, space planning, cabinetry and other finish materials services since 1995. To improve project planning and design, management required to increase the effectiveness of brainstorming…

Effective Collaboration and Planning Client Requirement

The ability to share maps and access MindGenius Online via the Cloud is an efficient way of working for MEDICITY. With the added ability to access knowledge and information on an “anywhere – anytime” basis.

Improved Productivity Allows More Time to Focus on Customer Needs
MMI Legal

As one of Glasgow’s leading small firms of solicitors and notaries offering a broad range of legal services, McVey & Murricane required software that would enhance organisational and time management abilities…

Understanding Complex Information to Deliver Business Transformation
Metropolitan Police

Steve MacDonald retired from the Metropolitan Police Service at the end of February 2009. In his police career he worked mainly in operational roles; he was a qualified advanced ‘Public Order Cadre’ commander, led a Specialist Firearms (SFO) team, and ran the department responsible…

Improving Project Management Capabilities

Milliken & Company’s Chemical Division is a global manufacturer of innovative specialty chemical additives and colorants. In 2012, the division began an initiative to revitalize its Project Management capabilities and…

How Would A Student Use MindGenius Online?
Cailean, Business Student

Cailean, a Business Student at Newcastle University, explains how he uses MindGenius Online at uni.

Mapping the Path to Empowerment in the Workplace

Human capital is often one of the largest resources in a company and whether it’s an NHS organisation or a firm operating in any other industry it makes sense to invest in supporting people, developing their ability…

Clearer Strategies from Creative Idea Generation
People, Profit, Planet

Hywel Wilson, from PeopleProfitPlanet UK Ltd has been using MindGenius since 2004 when he purchased it to brainstorm a new Sales Strategy. PeopleProfitPlanet enables organisations to reduce costs by providing…

Efficiently Deliver in Project Management
Project Management Ltd

MindGenius provides a clearer and more engaging approach to aid clarity of purpose and manage dynamic change right from the start.

Increased Efficiency in Managing Product Development
Quality Scotland

Mind Mapping software MindGenius was first installed at Quality Scotland during the summer of 2001. MindGenius was initially purchased to help manage Quality Scotland’s development of its products and…

Improving Global Research and Development

To survive in these turbulent times, companies must continue to develop and revise their design and range of products, particularly in those industries that are competitive and fast-moving. To do this effectively…

Embrace Strategic Objectives
Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland aims to support all those affected by these lifelong, complex disabilities to identify their needs and to empower them to make informed choices and decisions.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency
Staff Balance

Staff Balance use MindGenius to map out customer business processes and feel it allows them to gather information in a way that isn’t possible with lists. They believe the fast turnaround to their consulting service would not be possible without MindGenius…

Helping Students Gain Distinction
Gemma Campbell, University of Strathclyde

Gemma Campbell is a 25 year old undergraduate student at Strathclyde University studying Chemistry. Gemma successfully passed the first year of her degree with distinction maintaining an average of 73% throughout the…

Bring Clarity to Strategy Planning

With the implementation of the task and project management feature, you can create and assign actions from your original documents, task management is made easier.

Quick and Efficient Resolution of Business Critical Issues
Sunraysia Psychiatry Centre

At the Sunraysia Psychiatry Centre, MindGenius has facilitated the production of medical reports and the resolution of business-critical issues, enabling the quick and effective organisation, assimilation and presentation of complex information…

Team Collabortation to Gro and Expand
Tech Mobile

MindGenius Online enables Tech Mobile, the best and most trusted PC and Laptop repair company in the Western Isles to continue to grow and expand their customer base.

Adaptability Across Multiple, Diverse Projects

MindGenius was first installed at Technip Coflexip Aberdeen site soon after its release in January 2001. MindGenius was initially evaluated during a Business Improvement Initiative, but management…

Discovering the Winning Formula to Building a Race Car
Todd Mellett

To fully appreciate what you can achieve with good planning and organisation, you need only look at Todd Mellett. Despite having been a full-time graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh in the US state of Pennsylvania, he was also a key part of a team…

Managing Complex Product Development Programmes

Most of us rely on wherever we buy our food from to ensure our food is safe but if procedures aren’t followed throughout the global food chain, there is a risk our food could be contaminated with a wide variety of chemical or biological hazards such as pesticides, veterinary residue, bacteria, viruses or toxins.

Bridge Gaps Between Colleagues

With more than 1000 miles between them, Terry and Randall use MindGenius Online to help them plan and manage this business.

Reducing Downtime by 15%

When Dave Rimmer was first shown MindGenius by a colleague many years ago he was “absolutely sold on it”. In fact, it’s been his ‘go to’ application to get stuff done ever since, and it’s brought him and his business…

Manage Your Workload
Brooke Marron, 4th year student

Brooke is a 4th year medical student at Glasgow University. Here, she explains how MindGenius Online is invaluable for organising lecture notes and study plans.

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