"I have really enjoyed a new level of assurance that I can track and control the evolution of major projects."
Katherine Maughan
Founder and President, Maughan Design
"You’re limited only by your imagination what you can use it for. I couldn’t live without it, to be honest.”
Dave Rimmer
Managing Director, Unette Group
“MindGenius has become vital to the firm. Without this, we wouldn’t be in business today.”

Robert K. O'Dell
Co-Founder, Coyle Financial Counsel

"MindGenius is very easy to use, very intuitive. It also lends itself to teamwork to analyze and resolve problems, and requires minimal training to be able to create results."

Amy Ross

Internal Consultant in Financial Services, United Kingdom

"MindGenius suits my needs best because it has a simple and easy to use 'no-frills' interface. I find it especially useful to be able to type a thought and then simply hit Return to start with the next thought."

Paula Adams

Consultant in Chemicals, Miami, Florida, USA

"MindGenius 20 lets us see where everything is at at any given moment. We can show our clients the same thing, making them aware what was happening and where it was going."

Roberta Locke

Small business owner, Melbourne, Australia

"MindGenius gives us a creative to practical edge with all 'Thoughts Becoming Things' projects with excellent integration and collaboration at all times."

Stephen Henderson

Director of Client Services, Human Resources, Bristol, United Kingdom

"MindGenius 20 is easy to use and export to a range of other software such as PowerPoint, Word, PDF, etc. I have used it for many years and rolled it out to colleagues and even to consultants working for me."

John Crawford

Managing Director, Airlines/Aviation

"MindGenius 20 is definitely improved to a high level of user friendliness, making also easy to export content to software such as the Microsoft Office suite."

François Deschamps

Enterprise user, Ontario, Canada

"MindGenius 20 is an ideal tool for personal use or small group projects, through it you can manage a brainstorm of ideas, opinions and points of view about a plan or project."

Linda Davies

Director, Analytics, Information Technology and Services

"MindGenius 20 has a fairly easy-to-use interface, since it allows us to use it without many problems. In addition, it has integrations with Microsoft Office."

Miguel Garrido

Mid-Market Manager, Connecticut, United States

"MindGenius is software that we have been using for quite some time, and it has resulted in enhancing the calibre of our work and has helped us in managing our projects on daily basis."

John Robertson

Small business owner, United Kingdom

“I tried several of the trial versions of competing software over a month’s time, and I found MindGenius to be the most versatile, the most intuitive by far, and just a delight to work with.”

Katherine Maughan

Founder and President, Maughan Design, Portland, Oregon, USA

“It was first shown to me by a colleague, and I’ve been absolutely sold on it ever since because of its ease of use and its flexibility. You’re limited only by your imagination what you can use it for. I couldn’t live without it, to be honest.”

Dave Rimmer

Managing Director, Unette Group, Crewe, United Kingdom

“MindGenius has become vital to the firm. Without this, we wouldn’t be in business today.”

Robert K. O’Dell

Co-Founder, Coyle Financial Counsel, Glenview, Illinois, USA

"MindGenius is truly unmatched as a project management tool."

Robert Taylor 

Deputy Director, Business Services Nigeria, British Council, Manchester, United Kingdom

“MindGenius is proving to be an invaluable business tool. Employees are now noticeably more creative and productive.”

Robert Ordoyno

Business System Support Manager, British Energy, London, United Kingdom

“I have recommended MindGenius to many of my customers and associates because I get good results.”

Jayne Graham

Founder, 20:20 Consulting Limited, Gateshead, United Kingdom

“MindGenius energises the creative process of building sales presentations, and allows sales staff in the UK, Singapore and California to collaborate in virtual meetings.”

Tony White

Managing Director, Birch Worldwide, Wokingham, United Kingdom 

“MindGenius has brought a level of efficiency and consistency to the way we plan and manage our projects, with low investment costs and easy and intuitive use.”

Mark Ritchie

Deputy Director and Head of Project Services, Information Services, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

“MindGenius allows us to more efficiently gather thoughts at the beginning of a project. It also ensures completeness of content in any project or document and to better define the scope of any project.”

Nathan Phillips

Assistant Electoral Officer, Elections New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

“I tried a number of mindmapping and project management tools, but I found them a bit clunky, or their functionality was too simple or too complex. MindGenius was really straightforward."

John Gerard

Managing Director, Hallmark, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

“MindGenius improves my efficiency not only by reducing the time it takes to get the job done by as much as 70%, but also the quality of the information is much better because of the fast and flexible way it’s captured.”

George Whyte

Programme Manager, Honeywell Control Systems Ltd., Newhouse, United Kingdom

“It is a gateway to collect thoughts and prepare presentations. I use the software daily, to start most pieces of work — excellent at extracting information out of my head and rearranging this information in a logical manner.”

Walter Crosbie

Operations Manager, Quality Scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

“We are using MindGenius for mapping out processes for improvement. This has resulted in significant savings in man-hours compared to the conventional graphics software we would normally use for this purpose.”

Len Horn

Operations Quality Manager, Technip, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

“I found MindGenius intuitive and easy to learn quickly. We were able to download it and hit the ground running right away.”

Todd Mellett

University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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