MindGenius 20

Your ideal desktop tool for project management and mindmapping.

Organizing your work and igniting creativity.

Mindmapping ignites your creativity and empowers brainstorming. We help organize brainstorming into an engaging minmdap for greater clarity, so you can convert ideas into outcomes.

Conferences work out better
Meetings work out better
Your new business works out better
Your screenplay works out better
Your dissertation works out better

Windows desktop mindmapping and
complete project management.

How MindGenius enables successful projects

Project management can be complicated. MindGenius makes it simpler, yet more complete.

We start with something that most project management software skips over: Laying out a foundation of information, objectives, and constraints for your project.

We make this critical up-front process simple.

Then MindGenius makes it easy to:

  • Assign resources
  • Set durations and dependencies
  • Review progress
  • Keep your plan updated.
Mindmap: Brainstorm, then organize
Timeline: Set and review timing

What Our Customers Say

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