What is MindGenius Mind Map

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1. What is MindGenius?
    1.1. Mind Mapping Software tool
    1.2. Methodology
    1.3. Mindset
        1.3.1. Helps plan for success
2. What can it be used for?
    2.1. Business uses
        2.1.1. Brainstorming
        2.1.2. Project planning
        2.1.3. Business strategy
        2.1.4. Task managment
        2.1.5. Meeting management
    2.2. Education Uses
        2.2.1. Study
        2.2.2. Research
        2.2.3. Planning
        2.2.4. Projects
        2.2.5. Collaborative Learning
        2.2.6. Mind Mapping
3. How it works
    3.1. Brainstorm and capture ideas
        3.1.1. Facilitate the capture
   Individual or Group
        3.1.2. Use a questioning methodology
   Example 1 – Problem Solving
   Example 2 – Plan for Success
       Define the Scope
       Identify Stakeholders
       Understand Current Situation
       Identify end objective
       Define the Journey to Success
       6 Hats
        3.1.3. Utilize installed Question Sets
   OR Custom Question Sets
        3.1.4. Gather well rounded and collective knowledge
        3.1.5. Ensure situation is fully understood
        3.1.6. Identify all aspects of a project
    3.2. Visualize information
        3.2.1. Sort
   Group relevant information
        3.2.2. Identify
   What’s important
   What’s not important
    3.3. Analyze and understand data
        3.3.1. Prioritise
        3.3.2. What would have most Impact?
        3.3.3. What would be relatively easy to do?
        3.3.4. Assign ownership
    3.4. Action your ideas
        3.4.1. Share your thinking
        3.4.2. Create actionable project plans
        3.4.3. Export to MS Office Applications
        3.4.4. Improve day to day productivity
    3.5. Manage tasks & projects
        3.5.1. Project Management of outcomes and Actions
        3.5.2. Ongoing monitoring and management
        3.5.3. Evaluation of success