Wedding Speeches Mind Map

Organise your thoughts to plan a speach

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1. The toast to the bride and groom – given by the bride’s father or a close family friend.
    1.1. Welcome
        1.1.1. Guests
        1.1.2. Groom
    1.2. Funny Stories
        1.2.1. About Bride
        1.2.2. About Groom
    1.3. Toast to absent friends
    1.4. Toast to Newlyweds
2. The bridegroom’s reply on behalf of his wife and himself. He then proposes a toast to the bridesmaids.
    2.1. Introduction
        2.1.1. Thank you
        2.1.2. Respond to toast of bride’s father
    2.2. Thanks
        2.2.1. Bride’s Parents
        2.2.2. His Parents
        2.2.3. Key Members of Wedding Party
    2.3. Relationship History
        2.3.1. How you met
        2.3.2. First Impressions
        2.3.3. Funny Stories
        2.3.4. Best Things
    2.4. Toast to Bridesmaids
3. The best man’s speech on behalf of the bridesmaids.
    3.1. Best Man
        3.1.1. How you met
        3.1.2. Length of Friendship
        3.1.3. Why you are best man
    3.2. Funny Stories
        3.2.1. Early years
        3.2.2. Stag do
   Where it was
    3.3. Messages from absent friends and family
    3.4. Conclusion
        3.4.1. Toasts 
   To Newlyweds