Website Design Mind Maps

When building a new website, there are a number of questions to address to establish requirements before going into the design stage.

Use the map to structure the initial research into requirements and create tasks to monitor progress from design phase through to go implementation and testing.

1. Requirements Gathering Questions – Is this a new design or a redesign of an existing site?
    1.1. NEW SITE
        1.1.1. Audience – who is site aimed at?
   Establish the target audience and whether this is aimed at B2B or B2C
        1.1.2. Purpose of site?
   Will this be information / brochure style only or require e-commerce capability?
        1.1.3. Agree Go Live Date
        1.1.4. Requirements
   What is the intended domain name?
   Is the intended domain name available?
        1.1.5. Designs
   Prepare draft design for review
   Approval process
        1.1.6. Content
   Prepare draft content for review
   Approval process
        1.2.1. Purpose of redesign
   Are there any issues with the current site?
   What is working?
   What is not working?
        1.2.2. Scope of redesign
   Is this an update to some content and images or a complete site redesign of layout and                            content?
        1.2.3. Any change to target audience or site format?
   Will there be any fundamental changes to format such as moving from a brochure only                            site to implementing e-commerce capability?
        1.2.4. Agree Go Live Date
        1.2.5. Sitemap
   Review current sitemap
       pages to retain
       pages to delete
   Set-up page redirects for deleted pages
   Planned new sitemap
        1.2.6. Designs
   Prepare draft designs for approval
   Approval process
        1.2.7. Content
   Prepare draft content for approval
   Approval process
2. Website Design Plan
    2.1. Set-up hosting and domain name
    2.2. Site designs and layout
        2.2.1. Approval of site designs
    2.3. Prepare list of pages required
        2.3.1. do any exist
        2.3.2. any to be removed
    2.4. Write content for each page required
        2.4.1. Approval of each page
        2.4.2. Resources required
        2.4.3. Images
    2.5. Individual page designs
        2.5.1. Plan page links
        2.5.2. Forms 
   What forms are required & for what pages?
   Design form layout
    2.6. Structure created
        2.6.1. Pages live
        2.6.2. Content updated
    2.7. Testing
        2.7.1. Chrome
        2.7.2. Firefox
        2.7.3. Internet Explorer
        2.7.4. Microsoft Edge
        2.7.5. Safari
    2.8. Site Live