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Reducing costs and increasing efficiency with MindGenius

Irish Time-Driven Activity Based Costing consultancy, Staff Balance have been using MindGenius since the company was started, and believe the biggest benefits the software has brought them are reduced costs and faster turnaround times.

Staff Balance use MindGenius to map out their customer’s business processes and feel it allows them to arrange all the gathered information in a way that is not possible with lists. In fact, they feel that the fast turnaround of their consulting service would not be possible at all, without using mind mapping, particularly with MindGenius.

Their clients include Bord Gais Energy Supply – all Ireland’s gas and electricity supplier, Zurich Insurance, Acron Life, KBC Bank, IIB Homeloans, Haven mortgages and other high profile companies.

The Staff Balance range of products and services allows customers to find out the optimum number of staff they require, frees up the sales team to work on sales, allows for focus on the most profitable customers, sales channels and products and overall helps significantly reduce costs and increase income.

All Staff Balance Business Analysts and the Management Team use MindGenius in front of customers and for optimizing their daily work.

Romualdas Maciulis, Technical Director, Staff Balance Ltd thinks:

MindGenius lets us communicate the key points across much faster and we feel it is the best tool you can use for mind mapping, particularly when you are working with extremely large maps. MindGenius is the only tool on the market that can work with large maps without breaking, we tested them all – only this one shines under pressure.”

This is down to the MindGenius Map Explorer, which allows them to focus in on any area of the map, making it more manageable.

Romualdas also had a daily productivity tip he wanted to share:
It is very effective to have a “master mindmap” of all your activities, projects and responsibilities. Users can leverage MindGenius linking capability to link to specific websites, portals, documents and even other mind maps. And now, with the speed improvement of MindGenius 3, and the added export functionality – I’m even more convinced that MindGenius is the best mind mapping 
software there is.”

Staff Balance


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