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MindGenius Online bridges a 1000 mile gap between two entrepreneurs, and helps them build the business plan for their sustainable housing business

Terry Johnson, President of United Communications Network Incorporated based in Auburn, Maine (US) and Randall Marmet who lives in Tennessee, recently shared their experience of using MindGenius Online.

Their pioneering organisation is in the process of developing a revolutionary approach to the construction of sustainable houses, utilising composites (fibre reinforced plastics, foam insulation, epoxy, etc.) to reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool a house by more than 70%, while reducing the environmental impact and specifically the carbon foot print to about 1/10th of those built from standard materials. The initial prototype structure to demonstrate this technology is being developed in the form of a mobile high-tech 32ft model house, which will be deployed throughout the US to validate this technology.


Terry has been an avid user of our desktop product (MindGenius) for many years, and used it in multiple projects and businesses. Terry’s business partner, Randall, is new to the software. But with more than 1000 miles between them, our new product MindGenius Online seemed to be the perfect choice to help them plan and manage their business remotely.

“Our whole business plan has been generated and completed using MindGenius Online and it has made massive differences to the speed we have managed to work at”
Communication challenge

The formidable challenge of communicating developments and coordinating the extensive research and logistics of this project are being beautifully addressed by MindGenius Online.  Efficiently navigating and documenting each of the different tasks is being supported through the use of a number of maps and folders that enable them to mutually contribute,  modify, and sometimes work together in real-time – a good example of this being their regular live brainstorming sessions. This creative mind mapping approach and online documentation functionality has enabled them to be highly productive across complex tasks from remote locations.

Business planning & task management

Terry commented “MindGenius Online provides a complete solution for myself and Randall to collaborate instantaneously on the many aspects of building our business plan. We have been managing around 25 projects and involving our patent lawyers in the process. We are able to store and track all our relevant discussions and key documents and maintain a status of our project progress. Our whole business plan has been generated and completed using MindGenius Online and it has made massive differences to the speed we have managed to work at.”

Randall also commented that, “The use of a mapping process within project planning was completely new to me – I had been surviving on spreadsheets for years. I can honestly say MindGenius Online is the best bit of software I have ever used. MindGenius Online allows me to capture concepts and ideas at the speed by brain creates them and the ability to filter, move and review by ideas is perfect”.

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