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Tech Mobile Utilise MindGenius Online For Team Collaboration To Grow and Expand Their Customer Base

MindGenius Online enables Tech Mobile, the best and most trusted PC and laptop repair company in the Western Isles to continue to grow and expand their customer base.

Murdo-Ian Maciver and Louis Maciver, who founded Tech Mobile as an IT Repair company in 2004 before adding a retail operation in 2007, were one of the first users of the MindGenius Online Beta, which has had a really positive effect on their daily operations. They offer an A-list repair service to all types of organisations and consumers in the Western isles as well as supplying an extensive range of Games and Accessories. They pride themselves on giving a fast, effective and convenient customer service to their local community who previously, only had the choice of sending faulty PC’s to the mainland for repair, adding significantly to the time they were unavailable.

Tech Mobile

Tech Mobile have also successfully implemented the first portable Wi-Fi system in the Western Isles. Their service is available from the Butt of Lewis to Barra and has proven extremely popular for all types of events, most recently providing Wi-Fi to the famous Hebridean Music Festival (HebFest). Such success has prompted the two brothers to grow their team and search for a system which helps them plan and successfully run future operations. 

As with any business, Tech mobile had a strategy for growth and the desire to reach everyone across the Islands. The brothers were faced with traditional challenges within a business. Their current process required a lot of complex information to be digested and organised, which proved to be taxing and inefficient. With guidance from Jamie McDonald, Professional Service consultant at MindGenius, they were able to significantly cut the time and effort in planning as well as monitoring and reviewing progress work in progress.

Collaboration on any device, anywhere

With the Tech Mobile team understanding how best to use MindGenius Online, they quickly saw a positive impact in terms of processing work and spotting blockages before they caused delays. In addition, they used MindGenius Online to structure and connect knowledge as well as information at their weekly planning meetings – a key part in managing all aspects of their business. Murdo-Ian commented:

“Ideas being thrashed out and agreed in meetings were being captured and actioned properly for the first time and as additional ideas came to mind in the days that followed we could add to the task list for immediate follow up, removing the delay of having to wait until the next meeting. The ability to collaborate on issues and workload in real time has been really useful because it helps us transfer knowledge across our workforce from any device at any time”

Louis simply liked the fact that the processes MindGenius Online introduce coincide with how he thinks, allowing him to readily capture all the ideas he has and added:

“MindGenius Online really helped us gain momentum in our brainstorming, and the friendly user interface and smooth information capture allowed us to gather, structure and prioritise what needed to be done and allowed us to quickly get on with it.  This allowed us to save an invaluable amount of time and gave us real focus on what our next steps were.”

Louis went on to say:

“We were one of the first businesses to become involved in the MindGenius Online beta trial and have followed regularly the updates and resources to improve our use. With regards to the future, the team are looking forward to the Kanban feature to strengthen their project management use. Within Tech Mobile we can see a real opportunity for expanding on how we use it from a sales and marketing perspective. It will help us enhance customer experience with Tech Mobile, taking them on a journey from initial engagement through to onboarding and beyond. The use of MindGenius Online has enabled the Tech Mobile team to be more focused and collaborative in their approach to project management, we look forward to expanding the use of MindGenius Online in more of our daily operations as more functionality is added.”

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