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Improving Productivity by 70% with MindGenius

MindGenius was first installed in Honeywell, Motherwell site, soon after its release in January 2001. Since installing MindGenius, Honeywell have witnessed many benefits including an increase in employee efficiency, productivity and creativity. Amazingly it has reduced the time it takes to complete certain tasks by as much as 70%! The results have been so extraordinary that some Honeywell employees have labelled MindGenius as ‘revolutionary,’ high praise indeed!

Honeywell is a large multi-national corporation with a diverse product portfolio, including aerospace systems, speciality chemicals power systems through to industrial controls. A truly global organisation with offices worldwide.

Honeywell users of MindGenius describe the package as “user friendly” and “easy to use”, finding the software to be very intuitive. People are delighted at the flexibility of the software, and the wide range of benefits it is delivering.

George Whyte, a Programme Manager for Honeywell Sensing & Control – Europe has been greatly impressed by MindGenius

“I cannot remember a new application that made such a positive impact on my day-to-day work. The benefits for me are the ability to capture information instantly and move through processes rapidly.”

“As a Programme Manager I need to create a variety of charts that show organisational and individual relationships, project related task data and information flows”

“I have found MindGenius to be of great benefit in meetings, technical visits to other Honeywell locations and customers visits. MindGenius comes into its own because it is based around mind-mapping, as a practical example of its use I attended a customer meeting a couple of weeks ago and throughout the meeting took copious notes around the agenda and topics of discussion. MindGenius is very easy to use and the three windows of the screen – map, explorer and notes make it ideal for navigating back and forth. After the meeting I added more information, actions, dates and resources, sent all actions through the intranet and saved the map as a word document with no greater effort than two clicks of a mouse – that is the power of MindGenius.”

“MindGenius improves my efficiency not only by reducing the time it takes to get the job done by as much as 70%, but also the quality of the information is much better because of the fast and flexible way it’s captured. The only limitation I have now is I can’t type fast enough. The fact that you can save your map in a variety of formats also makes it more attractive as the primary input application. I seldom open Word, Project or Powerpoint without having started out in MindGenius.”

“This software is one of the true ‘office revolutions’, I could not envisage anyone who could not improve how they work or indeed their personal lives using MindGenius.”


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