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How Would A Student Use MindGenius Online?

MindGenius Online interviewed Cailean Maciver, who is a Business student at Newcastle University, on how he uses MindGenius Online at uni and the differences it has made to university life for him in general.

What do you use MindGenius Online for at Uni?

Mainly to manage my overall workload, but I also use it to store my work and to take lecture notes.

And How would you do those things?

Ok, so I have a master project for managing my overall workload, I use the mapping area to write in any tasks/projects/essays/notes I have to complete. I then give each of these tasks a completion date so I can see what I’ve got to do each day in the Task Board area. It’s then just a case of getting the work done and moving each of the tasks through to completion on the board.

In terms of doing the work and storing it. It’s all done and stored in the documents area and attached to the relevant tasks in the master map for easy access. An example would be when I take lecture notes using a map in the documents area and then actually attach it to that specific lecture on my master workload map. I do this a lot, whether it’s for lecture notes, research, citation sources or just other documents like PowerPoints/Word.

Overall I guess I have the map, timeline and task board areas dedicated to the actual tasks I have to complete, rather than the work Itself which like I said is stored in the documents area and attached to the relevant tasks on the main map.

Do you think it takes a lot of effort to use MindGenius Online like this?

I mean yes there is some initial effort to get it set up and organised but it is by far the best method I’ve found so far throughout my educational life. Once you get into using MindGenius Online you actually start to realise just how much time and stress it saves you, you don’t have to worry about everything at once and have the inner battles about what work to do when because MindGenius Online makes it all very clear for you.

Overall what’s the biggest difference MindGenius Online has made for you?

I would say the biggest difference is the motivation it’s given me to make sure I’m on top of everything uni is throwing at me. Staying in complete control is a lot more achievable, I can have the satisfaction of staying in control and at the same time the enjoyment of experiencing University life in the full.


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