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Effective Collaboration and Planning Client Requirement with MindGenius Online

Andrew McGee is the Business Development Manager at the MediCity Innovation Labs; where clinicians, academics, industry and investors solve global healthcare challenges; a centre of excellence for medical technology and digital health across the UK.

Over £1m has been invested into MediCity Scotland, which sits alongside the already established BioCity Scotland. This was completed as part of the £18m Glasgow and Clyde Valley City Deal, involving North Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Enterprise and the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

MediCity provides an environment in which Corporate, SME and Start-Up firms are more likely to be successful focused on flexible/modular offices and labs; business acceleration programs; pay-as-you-go services; an expert network community; access to strategic investment & grants.

Medical disciplines benefiting from MediCity support include Ophthalmology; Cardiovascular; Diagnostics; Dental; Imaging; Patient Monitoring; Oncology; Pharmacy; Artificial Intelligence; Data Analytics, Physiotherapy, Mindfullness to name just a few of the innovative business ideas being created.

The firms all benefit immensely from having ‘more than an office / lab space’ and an environment in which a business is more likely to be successful.

Andrew has been a long-time user of MindGenius for brainstorming, meeting management and task management and came on board with MindGenius Online as a natural extension to adopting a more accessible and collaborative tool online.

“MindGenius Online provides an excellent platform to plan a client meeting. It is an engaging way to thoroughly capture conversations, and record the conversations – ideas evolve as you build a map. This means that both parties have a deeper understanding of the requirements and an accurate record of the discussions and clarity on the next stage”

Real-time access, anywhere, any time 

Andrew finds the ability to share maps and access MindGenius Online via Cloud a particularly efficient way of working, with access to client knowledge and information on an “anywhere – anytime” basis.

“MindGenius Online is invaluable, my “go to” tool for planning and running sessions with my clients. The use of MindGenius Online has enabled a more focused and collaborative approach to meetings and coaching sessions, I look forward to seeing how MindGenius Online develops, particularly for managing tasks, deadlines and projects”

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