Success Stories

Creative Idea Generation Leads to Clearer Strategies

Hywel Wilson, from PeopleProfitPlanet UK Ltd started using MindGenius to brainstorm a new Sales Strategy.

PeopleProfitPlanet enables organisations to reduce costs by providing environmental business solutions. These solutions typically involve delivering strategy, implementation and training so that clients gain benefits ranging from compliance to competitive advantage and the ability to enter new markets.

Hywel uses MindGenius for idea creation – either personally or in a group brainstorming session with others. Before finding MindGenius, he would have used paper or PowerPoint in outline mode to undertake this task, however Hywel feels these methods are not as easy to manipulate, and don’t allow you to see the whole picture clearly. 

MindGenius has allowed for more efficient brainstorming, clearer strategies, and the recognition of links and similarities between ideas that they may not have found otherwise. 

Recently, he used the organizational chart feature in MindGenius to articulate organizational structure changes which were then manipulated in discussions with other until all were happy. 

Hywel said:

“Ideas are what differentiate businesses. MindGenius helps you to formulate your ideas and to facilitate discussions with others. All too often, one person’s break-down of an idea is different to another’s and using MindGenius allows the easy manipulation of the ideas to reach a common consensus and understanding .”
Hywel Wilson, Commercial Director, PeopleProfitPlanet UK Ltd


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