Sales Strategy Mind Map

Hone your sales strategy with these questions

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1. What Do We Really Know About Our Customers? (NB. Where are we now. Let’s really understand our business – using facts and figures to make sure your gut feel is in line with reality!)
    1.1. turnover breakdown
        1.1.1. product(s)
        1.1.2. services
        1.1.3. maintenance
        1.1.4. territory
        1.1.5. value
        1.1.6. new business
        1.1.7. repeat business
    1.2. Top 10 Customers
        1.2.1. their profile?
        1.2.2. understand their business?
        1.2.3. Understand why they are a key customer? 
        1.2.4. Do they view you as a key supplier?
    1.3. what do we do for our customers?
    1.4. what benefits have our customers realised?
        1.4.1. who have we told?
        1.4.2. where can we use this?
    1.5. what is our reputation in the marketplace?
        1.5.1. is it in line with our message
        1.5.2. growing
        1.5.3. shrinking
2. Who Are We Aiming To Sell To?
    2.1. profile your typical customer
        2.1.1. what do they do?
        2.1.2. what don’t they do?
        2.1.3. who are their customers?
   revenue per customer
    2.2. location & territory
        2.2.1. local
        2.2.2. regional
        2.2.3. national
        2.2.4. international
    2.3. size
        2.3.1. small
        2.3.2. medium
        2.3.3. large
    2.4. where do they fit into their marketplace?
        2.4.1. top
        2.4.2. mid-point
        2.4.3. bottom end
3. What Problem Do We Solve For Our Customers?
    3.1. what is their biggest
        3.1.1. challenge
        3.1.2. problem
        3.1.3. opportunity
    3.2. what does this result in?
        3.2.1. operational
        3.2.2. financial
        3.2.3. staff
        3.2.4. quantify how much that cost!
    3.3. who is affected?
        3.3.1. directly
        3.3.2. indirectly
        3.3.3. most?
        3.3.4. how?
    3.4. why? (NB: This is the most important part of selling – if you can answer this question you will find it easier to determine the value of your offering and make selling a logical process rather than a tough slog)
        3.4.1. What do you actually knowabout your existing business- this has to be based on fact, rather than gut feel
        3.4.2. causes
        3.4.3. drivers
        3.4.4. internal issues
        3.4.5. external forces
    3.5. Consequences of delaying solution
        3.5.1. identified
        3.5.2. quantified
    3.6. how does the problem impact on our customers?
    3.7. who is affected by the problem?
4. What Would Be A Successful Solution For Your Customers? (NB: Do we really know our customers? Do we know how we can help them? If someone were to ask our customers about us, would their answer reflect what we think and be something we are proud of?)
    4.1. what would be seen as…
        4.1.1. a successful solution?
        4.1.2. a significant improvement?
    4.2. how could that be measured?
    4.3. what options are open to the customer?
        4.3.1. internally
        4.3.2. from your competitors?
        4.3.3. defined & quantified
    4.4. evaluate all options
        4.4.1. relevance
        4.4.2. practicality
        4.4.3. effectiveness
        4.4.4. efficiency
        4.4.5. rewarding
    4.5. how can you make your offering the most appropriate?
5. Defining Your Solution
    5.1. value
        5.1.1. what value does your solution bring to your customer?
        5.1.2. how do you make it the best value available?
        5.1.3. how do you make your claims defendable?
            5.2. how sustainable is your solution?
                5.2.1. relative to competitors
                5.2.2. how do you differentiate it from those offered by others?
                5.2.3. how does your solution allowyour customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors?
           overcome problems?
           improve their business?
           cost savings?
               win sales?
    5.3. what reputation does it / could it bring?
    5.4. does it result in repeat business
    5.5. how can / do we help?
    5.6. how does that differ from our competitors?
    5.7. what is the value of our offering to our customers?
6. What Message Do We Take To Market?
    6.1. what is it we do?
    6.2. where have we done it?
    6.3. what benefits have our customers realised?
    6.4. is it?
        6.4.1. understandable?
        6.4.2. to the point?
        6.4.3. believable?
        6.4.4. in line with our objectives?
    6.5. do we back it up with relevant customer endorsements
    6.6. why would customers find our message credible?
7. How Are We Going To Engage With Prospects?
    7.1. utilise profiles
        7.1.1. companies
        7.1.2. people impacted by problem
    7.2. target
        7.2.1. companies
        7.2.2. organisations
        7.2.3. markets
    7.3. leverage of
        7.3.1. reference sites
        7.3.2. influencers
    7.4. give something back
        7.4.1. provide useful 
    7.5. reinforce
        7.5.1. expertise
        7.5.2. experience
        7.5.3. credibility
    7.6. drive traffic to 
        7.6.1. web site
        7.6.2. front end of sales process
    7.7. build
        7.7.1. relationships
        7.7.2. brand awareness
    7.8. manage
        7.8.1. what you say
        7.8.2. what you do
    7.8.3. what other say about you