Review of a Book

Use this template to help you summarize basic information about a book you recently read for a class project.

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1. Review of a Book
 1.1. What is the story trying to tell us?
 1.2. Does the story have a moral?
 1.3. Is it similar to another story?
 1.4. What makes it a good or bad story?
 1.5. Reasons why
 1.6. Would everyone give the same reasons?
 1.7. Why is this?
 1.8. Anything unusual about the story?
 1.9. What is the story about?
 1.10. Where is the story from originally?
 1.11. Why was this story written?
 1.12. Favourite part of the story?
 1.13. Did the author make this story up?
 1.14. What kind of story is this?
 1.15. What bits of the story could you change?
 1.16. In what way could you change characters?
 1.17. Do you like reading this story?
 1.18. Did you like the ending of the story?
 1.19. How could you change the ending of the story?