MindGenius Online:
Release Notes

This page provides all of release notes for MindGenius Online. 

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September 2022

  • Help Centre added.
  • Support system for users providing assistance on a wide range of topics such as project management, mindmapping and frequently asked questions.
  • Can be found by clicking on the question mark icon located in the top right corner of the screen

August 2022

  • Branch Fill and Shape added.
  • Users can now edit the branch shape from a list of 5 standard choices (Cloud, Polygon, Ellipse, Curve and Box) and edit the colour the branch to suit their needs.
  • This can be found under Mindmap > Branch Properties > Styles 

July 2022

  • Public Projects Tab launched.
  • Users can access a range of public projects designed by MindGenius on a variety of subjects.
  • Users will be able to access the project and also copy the existing project to their MindGenius Online account.

July 2022

  • Recurring Tasks launched
  • Users can now set recurring tasks for their projects.
  •  Frequency of reccuring tasks can be set from daily, weekly, monthly or yearly (as well as every … days)

June 2022

  • Public Projects launched.
  • Allows you to share your projects to anyone who has the URL link. 
  • You can change existing projects to Public by going to Summary > Visibility
  • When creating a new public project, select “public” under Visibility.

June 2022

  • Partnership with Userflow.
  •  Userflow’s Resource Center provides Guided Product Tours, Help Videos, links to the Demo system and product support for new AND existing users.
  • Userflow widget added to MindGenius Online to provide easy access

May 2022

  • MindGenius Dashboard Digest added
  • Email system designed to provide users with their dashboard, containing overdue tasks as well as upcoming tasks and tasks by user.
  • Option to make Dashboard Digest daily or weekly based on preferences. (Found in MindGenius Online > Profile).

April 2022

  • “Users” renamed as “Organisation Admin” and clearly explains the differences between the 3 different types of resources you can use (licensed users, guest users and external resources).
  • Export tab added (similar to MindGenius desktop).
  • Within Reports you now have two new graphs showing ” tasks unnassigned by project” and ” tasks unassigned by person”. 
  • We’ve moved the “print” option into the main menu, making it easier to find when planning a project.

February 2022

  • Export to MS Project from Map and Timeline
  • Add constraints to tasks
  • Upload mgmx files directly through browser
  • Confirmation dialog shown before deleting a task in timeline
  • Priorities shown clearer on tasks
  • Update to look and feel of left panel
  • “Bulk upload of users” feature added for large organisations with many members.

December 2021

  • Added dependencies to Timeline view
  • Added option to roll-up task dates to parent tasks
  • Updated “look and feel” of Timeline
  • Added durations to Timeline
  • Added ability to show/hide and resize Timeline columns

August 2021

  • Improved mind map printing: page will auto-fit the mind map depending on the paper size you choose. Choose from sizes including A0-4 and Letter.
  • Added print option for TaskBoard and Timeline areas of the project.

July 2021

  • UI re-designed to be more use-friendly, including moving navigation to new left-side panel.
  • Introduced “Dashboard” area of hub, outlining tasks requiring the most attention and which users are doing certain tasks.
  • Added charts to “Reports” section, with graphics outlining who tasks are assigned to, as well as how many tasks have been raised and closed over time.

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