Project Resource Management

Regardless of the project that you’re working on , without the sensible management of resources the project will fail. However, at what point are these resources allocated? and what are the stages involved? Thankfully, our Resource Management template takes away all these complications and allows you to plan and allocate your resources with ease. 

Our Mind Map templates feature a step-by-step process in resource management and allows you to focus on the details relevant to you and your business rather than the process itself. We recognize that not all projects will be organised the same, and although the image (above) shows the topics we cover within the template, it also allowing you to add and remove branches at your own discretion depending on your own project needs.

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1.0 Project Resource Management

 1.1 Plan Resource Management – the process of defining how to estimate, acquire, manage and utilise physical and team resources

 1.2 Estimate Activity Resources – the process of estimating team resources and the type and quantities of material, equipment and supplies necessary to perform project work

 1.3 Acquire Resources – the process of obtaining team members, facilities, equipment, materials, suppliers, and other resources to complete project work

 1.4 Develop Team – the proces of improving competencies, team member interaction, and the overall team environment to enhance project performance

 1.5 Manage Team – the process of tracking team member performance, providing feedback, resolving issues and managing team changes to optimize project performance

 1.6 Control Resources – the process of ensuring that the physical resources assigned and allocated to the project are available as planned, as well as monitoring the planned versus actual use of resources and performing corrective action as necessary

Source – PMBOK Guide, 6th Edition