Project Quality Management

The quality of products or services produced as a result of a project will have a huge impact on the success of the project. Therefore, quality management needs to be built into the project processes.

The example below shows the areas that need to be managed and the resultant output.

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1.0 Project Quality Management

    1.1 Plan Quality Management – the process of identifying quality requirements and / or standards for            the project and it’s deliverables and documenting how the project will demonstrate compliance                with quality requirements and / or standards

    1.2 Manage Quality – the process of translating the quality management plan into executable quality            activities that incorporate the organisation’s quality policies into the project

    1.3 Control Quality – the process of monitoring and recording the results of executing the quality                  management activities to assess performance and ensure the project outputs are complete,                    correct and meet customer expectations

Source – PMBOK Guide 6th Edition