Project Plan For New Business

Plan out your new business venture using a MindGenius mind map template. Brainstorm all of your ideas then sort and organize your ideas into actionable tasks.

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1. Project plan for new business
 1.1. Phase 1 – Strategic Plan
    1.1.1. Define the Opportunity
    1.1.2. Evaluate Business Approach
    1.1.3. Evaluate Potential Risks and Rewards
    1.1.4. Review and modify the strategic plan
    1.1.5. Confirm decision to proceed
 1.2. Phase 2 – Define the Business Opportunity
    1.2.1. Define the Market
 Access available information
 Create market analysis plan
 Implement market analysis plan
 Identify competition
 Summarize the market
 Identify target market niche
    1.2.2. Identify Required Materials and Supplies
 Select a business approach
 Identify management staff resources
 Identify staffing requirements
 Identify needed raw materials
 Identify needed utilities
 Summarize operating expenses and financial projections
    1.2.3. Evaluate Potential Risks and Rewards
 Assess market size and stability
 Assess needed resources availability
 Forecast financial returns
    1.2.4. Review and modify the business opportunity
    1.2.5. Confirm decision to proceed
 1.3. Phase 3 – Plan for Action
    1.3.1. Develop Detailed 5-Year Business Plan
 Describe the vision and opportunity
 List assumptions
 Describe the market
 Describe the new business
 Describe strengths, weaknesses, assets and threats
 Estimate sales volume during startup period
 Forecast operating costs
 Establish pricing strategy
 Forecast revenue
 Summarize pro-forma financial statement
 Develop break-even analysis
 Develop cash-flow projection
 Identify licensing and permitting requirements
 Develop startup plan
 Develop sales and marketing strategy
 Develop distribution structure
 Describe risks and opportunities
 Publish the business plan
 Confirm decision to proceed
 1.4. Phase 4 – Proceed With Startup Plan
    1.4.1. Choose a location
    1.4.2. Establish Business Structure
 Choose a Name
   Identify implications
   Research name availability
 Choose a Bank
   Establish accounts
   Establish line of credit
 Choose legal representation
 Select business tax-basis category
 Choose funding source if required
 Commit funding
 Establish the Operating Control Base
   Obtain required licenses and permits
   Obtain needed insurance
   Establish security plan
 Develop Marketing Program
   Establish an advertising program
   Develop a logo
   Organise promotional materials
    1.4.3. Provide Physical Facilities
 Secure operation space
 Establish utilities
 Provide furniture and equipment
 Move in
    1.4.4. Provide Staffing
 Interview and test candidates
 Hire staff
 Train staff
    1.4.5. Start up the business