Project Kick-Off Meeting

Successful projects require good communication throughout. One way to set the scene for this is to get everyone on board with a Project Kick-Off Meeting

The example below outlines what should be covered during the kick-off meeting

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1. Meeting Details
    1.1. Date/Time
    1.2. Location
    1.3. Expected length of meeting
    1.4. Attendees
2. Introduction
    2.1. Purpose of the meeting
    2.2. Project team members
    2.3. Roles and responsibilities

3. Project Milestones

    3.1. Identify project milestones 
4. Project Goals
    4.1. Identify the goals of the project
5. Project Schedule
    5.1. preliminary project schedule
    5.2. Identify dependencies & constraints
6. Project Budget
    6.1. preliminary project budget
    6.2. identify constraints
7. Risk Assessment
    7.1. Risk identification
    7.2. Process for managing
8. Action items