Project Change Request

Throughout a project, some change requests are likely to be raised, managing these is part of the project management process and is done through Integrated Project Change Control.

The example below details an example of a format for raising change requests.

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1.0 Project Name

2.0 Type of Change

    2.1 Cost

    2.2 Schedule

    2.3 Scope

    2.4 Deliverables

    2.5 Resources

3.0 Change Description

4.0 Reason for Change Request

    4.1 Benefit of change

5.0 Risks to be Considered for this Change

6.0 Estimate Resources and Costs Needed to Implement this Change

7.0 Impact of Not Making Change

8.0 Initial Impact Analysis

    8.1 Impact on cost

    8.2 Impact on schedule

    8.3 Impact on resources

    8.4 Impact on scope

    8.5 Impact on quality

    8.6 Impact on project management

9.0 Alternatives Considered

10.0 How Will the Change be Accomplished?

11.0 Recommendations

12.0 Change Request Decision

12.1 Project Manager

12.2 Date