Problem Solving Mind Map

Map out your problem using this template

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1. Machines
    1.1. When considering Machines you might address aspects such as:
    1.2. What machines will be impacted?
    1.3. Will it have an impact on the machine’s ability to function to specification?
    1.4. Will it have any effect on the maintenance regimes required?
    1.5. What aspects of the machine’s performance or function will change?
    1.6. Will it affect the availability of the machine?
    1.7. Will it cause the machine to malfunction?
    1.8. Will the machine still be adequate for the task?
2. Materials
    2.1. When considering materials you might address aspects such as:
    2.2. What materials will be required to be used?
    2.3. Will new materials or changes be required to the specifications of existing materials?
    2.4. Will there be an impact on how the materials should be stored/handled?
    2.5. Will it necessitate a change of the supplier of their materials?
    2.6. Will the life of the materials be changed
    2.7. Will materials come into contact with new/different materials?
3. Methods
    3.1. When considering Methods you might address aspects such as:
    3.2. Are the Methods to be used in the operation identified?
    3.3. What changes are needed to the prescribed methods of operation?
    3.4. Do methods need to be updated or rewritten?
    3.5. Are the methods clear, unambiguous and understood?
4. Manpower
    4.1. When considering manpower you might address aspects such as:
    4.2. Who will be involved?
    4.3. Have you the right people or do you need to recruit or retrain?
    4.4. Who will no longer be involved or their level of involvement reduced/increased?
    4.5. Who will have the responsibility for the tasks involved and are they properly trained?
    4.6. Do the people who will be involved have the prerequisite experience?
    4.7. How will you be able to ascertain if the people are competent and effective in the task?
5. Management
    5.1. When considering Management you might address aspects such as:
    5.2. What reports will management require?
    5.3. What metrics need to be in place and will they indicate/predict undesirable outcomes?
    5.4. Do existing metrics need to be changed?
    5.5. What management processes will be impacted?
    5.6. Will management processes require to be updated?
6. Milieu
    6.1. When considering Milieu you might address aspects such as:
        6.1.1. External
   What competitive advantages/disadvanatges will result
   How will it impact customer satisfaction?
   Does it comply with legislative/political/environmental requirements?
        6.1.2. Internal
   How much will it cost to implement
   Will it impact our capabilities, performance and/or effectiveness?
   Will it have an impact on other departments?
   How will it impact exiting project milestones and commitments?