Personal Development SWOT Template Mind Map

Ensure you are reaching your full potential with a SWOT analysis

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1. Strengths
    1.1. What skills do you have?
    1.2. What qualifications do you have?
    1.3. What experience do you have?
    1.4. What do you enjoy doing?
    1.5. What tasks do you do well?
    1.6. What do others say you do well?
    1.7. What do others say your strengths are?
    1.8. What are your best achievements?
    1.9. What do you find exciting? 
2. Weaknesses
    2.1. What do you find difficult?
    2.2. What could you do better?
    2.3. What do you need help with?
    2.4. What would other people say your weaknesses are?
    2.5. What tasks have you failed at?
    2.6. What tasks do you not like doing? 
3. Opportunities
    3.1. What strengths could I build on?
    3.2. What could I do to overcome weaknesses?
    3.3. What resources are available to me?
    3.4. What training would I like to do?
    3.5. What is changing around me?
    3.6. Who could help me? 
4. Threats
    4.1. What could stop me developing?
        4.1.1. qualifications ?
        4.1.2. experience ?
        4.1.3. finances ?
        4.1.4. people ?
    4.2. What weaknesses will really get in my way?
    4.3. Where have I failed before?