Personal Review Process Mind Map

Ensure you are reaching your full potential with regular personal reviews.

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1. Plan
    1.1. Prioritise development needs
    1.2. Develop plan of action
    1.3. What are your goals?
        1.3.1. Specific
        1.3.2. Measurable
        1.3.3. Attainable
        1.3.4. Realistic
        1.3.5. Time-Bound
2. Reflect & Review
    2.1. Review past goals
    2.2. Reflect on outcomes
        2.2.1. Were the planned outcomes achieved?
        2.2.2. What evidence exists to verify that this has happened?
        2.2.3. Was it achieved in the desired manner?
        2.2.4. Were there any side effects?
    2.3. Evaluate achievements
        2.3.1. Were the priorities and needs met?
        2.3.2. Were there any unexpected results?
    2.4. Were the forecasted benefits achieved?
    2.5. Create a progress review
    2.6. Re-establish future goals
3. Identify
    3.1. Identify strengths and weaknesses
    3.2. provide examples
        3.2.1. Show how strengths add value
    3.3. What can you improve?
    3.4. How can it be improved?
        3.4.1. provide concrete plans for you to work on
    3.5. What is expected?
    3.6. Any new opportunities?
    3.7. Any risks/threats?
    3.8. What is the trend?
    3.9. What is the forecast?
4. Action
    4.1. Develop core skills
        4.1.1. Online courses
        4.1.2. workshops
        4.1.3. mentoring
        4.1.4. practice
        4.1.5. communication
    4.2. Strive to meet desired goals
    4.3. Stay in communication with superiors
    4.4. Are corrective or preventive actions required?
    4.5. Is any change required?