My Goals Mind Map

Use a mind map to get all your ideas on paper then organise into actionable goals and tasks.

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1. Smart Goal Setting
    1.1. Specific
        1.1.1. Define your goals?
        1.1.2. Where do you want to be?
        1.1.3. What are you trying to achieve?
        1.1.4. How will you achieve these goals
        1.1.5. What are you going to do?
        1.1.6. Why are you doing this?
        1.1.7. What do you want to improve?
        1.1.8. What do you want to contribute?
    1.2. Measurable
        1.2.1. Can you measure your progress?
        1.2.2. Is the goal manageable?
        1.2.3. Will it motivate those around you?
        1.2.4. Is the goal meaningful?
        1.2.5. Do you tools at hand to measure your goal progress?
        1.2.6. How will you measure your development?
    1.3. Attainable
        1.3.1. Is your goal possible?
        1.3.2. Do your goals stretch you?
        1.3.3. Is your goal limited by resources or time?
        1.3.4. How will you get there?
        1.3.5. How will you know you’ve arrived?
    1.4. Relevant
        1.4.1. Is your goal relevant?
        1.4.2. Is your goal results based?
        1.4.3. Does this seem worthwhile?
        1.4.4. Is this the right time?
        1.4.5. Does this match your objectives?
    1.5. Timely
        1.5.1. When is the deadline to achieve this goal?
        1.5.2. How much time are you willing to put in?
        1.5.3. What can you do in the short term?
2. Goal Setting Template
    2.1. Goal 1
        2.1.1. Specific Goal
        2.1.2. How are you going to measure this goal?
        2.1.3. Action
        2.1.4. Realistic
        2.1.5. Completion Date
    2.2. Goal 2
        2.2.1. Specific Goal
        2.2.2. How are you going to measure this goal?
        2.2.3. Action
        2.2.4. Realistic
        2.2.5. Completion Date
    2.3. Goal 3
        2.3.1. Specific Goal
        2.3.2. How are you going to measure this goal?
        2.3.3. Action
        2.3.4. Realistic
        2.3.5. Completion Date
    2.4. Goal 4
        2.4.1. Specific Goal
        2.4.2. How are you going to measure this goal?
        2.4.3. Action
        2.4.4. Realistic
        2.4.5. Completion Date
    2.5. Goal 5
        2.5.1. Specific Goal
        2.5.2. How are you going to measure this goal?
        2.5.3. Action
        2.5.4. Realistic
        2.5.5. Completion Date