Monthly Sales Meeting Agenda Mind Map

Use this mind map template in your next sales meeting. Set the agenda with the map, you can share with the attendees before to inform of the content. Then use the map to capture thoughts and ideas, to keep everything in one place.

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1. Status of actions 
    1.1. Completed
    1.2. Progressing to plan
    1.3. Late to plan
2. Sales revenue review
    2.1. Actual -v-planned for last month
    2.2. Year to date performance
3. Product sales profile
    3.1. By product/service type
    3.2. Year to date performance
4. Cost of Sales
    4.1. Actual -v- planned for last month
    4.2. Year to date performance
5. Sales Funnel Status
    5.1. Major new opportunities
        5.1.1. New business
        5.1.2. Emerging markets
        5.1.3. Repeat business
        5.1.4. Value
        5.1.5. Challenges
    5.2. Major dead opportunities
    5.3. Movement through sales funnel stages
6. Threats
    6.1. Competition
    6.2. Marketplace trends
    6.3. Internal
        6.3.1. Organisation
        6.3.2. Skills
7. Actions
    7.1. Carried over actions
    7.2. New actions
    7.3. Notice of next meeting