MindGenius Templates - Sales

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Client Master Map

Start your project the right way with our project management guide for small-medium projects.

Competitor Positioning

Plan every inch of your project from beginning to end with our project planning template.

Customer Service Visit

Calculate your clients wealth with our free-to-use wealth map template. Get started today!

Sales Funnel Review Meeting

Want to ace your next employee review? Look no further, you’ve came to the right place.

Sales Meeting

Use this in your next sales meeting. Set the agenda with the map, you can share with the attendees before to inform of the content.

SPIN Selling

Situation, Problem, Implication, Pay-off. This method was designed to take away some of the ambiguity and difficulty when closing a sale.

Understanding the Challenge

Use this template to help you understand the complex challenges you are facing with the aid of a visual graphic.

Discovery Meeting

Review your financial position with this mind map template.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is an evaluation of an individuals or a company’s current and future financial position. Use this mind map template to cover every aspect of your financial planning. 

Financial Review Meeting

Use this mind map to set the agenda of your annual review meeting. Prepare the meeting content before and then use the mind map in the meeting to capture ideas and the meeting minutes.