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Start your project the right way with our project management guide for small-medium projects.

Project Planning

Plan every inch of your project from beginning to end with our project planning template.

Client Wealth Map

Calculate your clients wealth with our free-to-use wealth map template. Get started today!

Employee Review

Want to ace your next employee review? Look no further, you’ve came to the right place.

Project Integration Management

Looking to integrate projects? Ensure this happens seamlessly with our free-to-use template.

New Project Proposal

Proposing a new project? Get off to the right start with our Project Proposal template.

Financial Discovery

Review your own financial position with our easy and free to use template. Get started now!

Management Review

Use our management review template to make your meetings matter. Get started for free today!

Project Initiation Instruction

Struggling to start your project? Get started correctly using our MindGenius template, it’s free.

Project Kick-Off Meeting

Make your meetings matter with our project kick-off meeting template.

Meeting Prep Checklist

Our meeting prep checklist is free to use and simple to understand. Get started today.

Project Planning

Looking to plan your project? Look no further than our free mind map template.

Project Charter

The Project Charter is the first step in project planning and is the authorisation for a project to proceed.

Project Retrospective

Reviewing progress of a project throughout delivery is essential to make sure all is on track and there are no issues in the team.

Weekly Project Status

Plan your week ahead with this mind map template. Enter all the tasks that need to be completed, then organise and prioritise to achieve!

Project Scope Management

There are two outputs from this process – the Project Scope Statement and the Work Breakdown Structure.

Project Risk Checklist

Projects will have associated risks. Project risk management is the process of managing that risk. 

Project Integration Management

Project integration management is the process of managing all of the elements or phases of a project.

Project Charter

The Project Charter is the first document that is produced in project planning and is the authorisation for a project to proceed.

Work Breakdown Structure

This is a full breakdown of all of the work activities that will be required to deliver the project. It is broken down into groups of work and then individual activities within those groups.

Project Schedule Management

Project schedule management takes the details of the work breakdown structure and apply timings to complete each task.

Develop Project Management Plan

Project planning processes kick off as soon as a project is given the go ahead, the output of this will be the project management plan.

Project Resource Management

Regardless of the project that you’re working on , without the sensible management of resources the project will fail.

Project Schedule Management

Project schedule management takes the details of the work breakdown structure and apply timings to complete each task.

Project Cost Management

Project cost management estimates costs and agreeing a budget that will be assigned to the project. This also includes plans for how this will be monitored and controlled.

Project Risk Red Flag Management

Project Risk Management identifies what could happen and ensures there are mitigations put in place to avoid these risks from occurring.

Project Quality Management

The quality of products or services produced as a result of a project will have a huge impact on the success of the project. Therefore, quality management is a must.

Project Change Request

Throughout a project, some change requests are likely to be raised, managing these is part of the project management process and is done through Integrated Project Change Control.

Project Monitoring and Control

This monitoring and control phase has a number of elements associated with it and the checklist below offers a guide to a project manager to keep on top of all of these activities.

Sprint Retrospective Template

A Sprint Retrospective meeting is a good way to facilitate those discussions, by taking into account what is working and what isn’t. A Sad, Glad, Mad structure to the meeting creates an informal style.

Project Status

A Project Status Report is used to capture all of the critical activities, developments, and risks associated with a project. This is essentially a snapshot of the project.  

Project Stakeholder Management

Project stakeholders need to be managed throughout the delivery of a project. 

Project Risk Management

The checklist below offers a helpful guide to show all the areas of risk which could impact a project and therefore should be considered during the risk management process.

Project Close Out Template

Make sure you’ve tied up all loose ends with this free template.

Hoshin Plan Template

The Hoshin Strategy is a method for ensuring that strategic goals that are set are driving progress and action at every level within the company. This eliminates waste from inconsistencies and poor communication. 

Project Monitoring and Control

Throughout project delivery, performance will be tracked and measured against the project scope and the agreed deliverables.

Project Initiation Instruction

Project Initiation is the very start of the project lifecycle.

Our example shows the detail that needs to be captured to determine feasibility of the project as well as what will be needed to gain approval to go ahead.

Project Planning

Planning projects appropriately and within budget is key to any projects success or failure. Our Project Planning template allows you to take control and take note of all areas of the planning process before beginning.