The Dissertation process is the most challenging, yet rewarding, part of university. With MindGenius’ Dissertation template, you can plan from start to finish with remarkable ease and flexibility. 

Mind Mapping is the easiest way to digest and revise information, as well as being an effective way to engage your brain. MindGenius achieves this by being the ultimate tool for Visual Learners as well as being great for those who require Assisted Learning, offering a range of different Fonts, Colours and Map Styles. 

The many different areas of a Dissertation is ideal for the using a Mindmap. As shown in the image above, whether you are in the Literature Review stage or working on your Methodology, it is easy to go between topics and brainstorm your ideas into dedicated areas.

For more information, you can access the MindGenius for Education page. Alternatively, you can read our Blog on Mindmapping: Get Your Dissertation off to the Right Start.

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