Mind maps break down complicated information and bring it to life.

MindGenius Online is extensively used within schools, colleges & universities in the United Kingdom, Mexico and South Africa.

"How does MindGenius help me?"

Using mind maps is really engaging, and has great benefits such as increased focus and productivity, as well as being a great tool for those with Dyslexia or other assisted learning needs.

Our product is very easy to use and requires no learning curve. With MindGenius, you can sign up and get started straight away.

MindGenius & Dyslexia.

In the UK alone it’s estimated that 1 in 10 people have some form of Dyslexia. MindGenius is a part of the dyslexic community, providing an accessible visual learning product with a great selection of fonts, colours and map styles to keep your brain engaged.

Need more information?

Have a look at our blog post: “Dyslexia and mind mapping: Organization like never before” for more information on what MindGenius can provide for our Dyslexic users.

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