Visualize, share and manage your projects with MindGenius 20.

Why use MindGenius 20?

Using MindGenius 20, it will become far easier to notice what information is missing or what section of your project is incomplete. 

Your projects will be simple to manage & easy to deliver. Mind map software provides you with clarity & identifies gaps in your knowledge that you didn’t know existed. 

“The more we share, the more we have”

Export your maps through all these platforms & share your ideas with the world.

Project Management.

MindGenius 20 offers the complete project journey from beginning to end. 

MindGenius 20 meets all your project needs & gives you up to 4 different views: Gantt, Solution, Timeline and Ordinary Map View. 

No experience? No problem. MindGenius 20 offers simplicity like never before. 

Start your project with no steep learning curve required.

Other Features

One-Click Technology

Whether you are making multiple maps or applying a creative touch. Do it all with one-click.

Picture Perfect.

We've updated our picture gallery. Choose from a range of ready-made images in different sizes or simply upload your own.

Happy to Help

Create your map from our 4 main options, or browse from our "Get Started" pack to choose a map that's right for you.

Microsoft Export

Our software is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite & helps you share your maps with others.

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