Management Quarterly Review

This template can be used to define the content of a management review (e.g. ISO 9001) and then used to capture the meeting minutes.

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1. Previous Meeting Minutes/Action 
    1.1. Actions Closed
    1.2. Ongoing actions
        1.2.1. Status
2. Certification Status
    2.1. Results of last external audit
    2.2. Status against outstanding actions
    2.3. Date of next external audit
3. Policy Manual and Procedures Status
    3.1. Summary of changes since last management review
    3.2. Changes outstanding/in progress
4. Internal Audits
    4.1. Status of Audit Program
    4.2. Outcomes of internal audits
        4.2.1. Non-conformances
        4.2.2. System trends identified?
    4.3. Any changes required to auditing priorities?
5. Customer Feedback
    5.1. Complaints?
    5.2. Compliments?
    5.3. Changes to requirements?
    5.4. Improvement suggestions?
6. Process Performance and Product/Service Conformity
    6.1. Are processes still fit for purpose?
    6.2. Are Key Performance Indicators still effective?
7. Preventive and Corrective Actions
    7.1. Analysis
        7.1.1. By product
        7.1.2. By process
        7.1.3. By division/department
    7.2. Comparison to previous year?
    7.3. Any trends of note?
8. Changes Affecting Management System
    8.1. New business opportunities?
    8.2. New technology?
9. Recommendations for Improvement
    9.1. Process improvement?
    9.2. Reduction in non-value adding activities?
10. Management System Objectives
    10.1. Any changes required to management system objectives?