Group Work

Breakdown what work is involved in your next group project with this template.

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1. Group Work
 1.1. Presentation
    1.1.1. Decide on Structure
 Number of Slides
    1.1.2. Content
    1.1.3. Presenters
 Time Slots
 Presentation Script
    1.1.4. Research
 Facts and Figures
    1.1.5. Presentation run through
 1.2. Report
    1.2.1. Structure
 Executive Summary
 Main body – break into relevant sections
   Decide who will write each part
    1.2.2. Research
 Who will carry out research
 How many references are required
   Literature Benchmark
    1.2.3. Reviewing/Editing
 Word Limit
    1.2.4. Decide due dates for each section