Will MindGenius run on a Mac?

Our MindGenius Desktop range of products were developed as Windows applications. 

However, whilst MindGenius was designed as a Windows application, we have had feedback from a number of our clients that they have run MindGenius successfully using a Windows emulator on a Mac. 

MindGenius have carried out in-house testing using Virtual PC Win 2000 emulator running on an OSX, G4 Mac system and found MindGenius performed well in this environment. 

If you have a windows emulator on your Mac, you can download a free evaluation of MindGenius and try it out for yourself.

Alternatively our cloud-based offering, MindGenius Online, might be of interest to you.

Since MindGenius Online is cloud based, you can create an account and sign in via your web browser on any internet capable device.

Just navigate to  MindGenius Online to create an account.