Using Images from the Picture Gallery as Custom Branch Shapes

You can give a branch shape the appearance of an image from the picture gallery through the following steps:

  1. Include the picture you want to use to the existing branch by selecting “Picture Gallery” at the bottom of the Notes Editor (Bottom left corner) – In the example below I chose a green arrow.
  2. Select your branch and strike the “F3” key on your keyboard to edit the branch appearance.
  3. Set your branch to appear invisible (i.e. Shape to “none”, branch fill colour to “none” and Transparency 99%.)
  4. Double click the image to bring up the “Format Picture” options, change “Place Picture” from “Above” to “Centre & Behind” and increase the picture size to ensure your branch text fits inside the image.

Insert Image from Picture Gallery

Change Branch Appearance

Change Picture Format

The End Result