Plan Your Social Media Strategy With A Mind Map

Social media is a key part of any marketing plan but there is more to it than merely scheduling some tweets or posting to Facebook.  A well prepared social media strategy takes into account your intentions with incorporating social media into your plans.


To establish intentions, a series of planning questions will guide you to establish your requirements. At this point you will be setting out intended purpose. For example, is this to increase awareness of your business or are you aiming to generate enquiries directly from your social media activity. It is important to note the intended audience as well as this will determine which channels to use and typical tone of voice and style for the content.  The plan should also detail whether this will be solely organic use of social medial or if there are any plans for paid advertising as well.  

Setting out the full intentions will give you something to measure the success of the campaign against. 

Preparing your plan in a mind map provides structure from which you can prepare your stated intent and your schedule and resultant tasks arising from your plan.

Mission statement:

The social media mission statement takes the information set out in your planning stage and lets you write down exactly what you want to achieve.  Every piece of content written should refer to this statement and ensure it meets the overall intentions. 


The results of all of your planning can be turned into a social media calendar in MindGenius. Create a task for the content of each post along with the date and time it should be scheduled or posted and you can build up your social media calendar quickly and easily.  Having your social media mission statement set out in MindGenius alongside your tasks for preparing each post ensures you can measure the content being produced alongside the mission statement to ensure it meets your objectives before you go ahead and publish.

MindGenius lets you capture all of the answers to the planning questions for your social media strategy and enables you to seamlessly turn the resultant actions into a project plan which you can use to manage throughout content production and publication. 

Download MindGenius for free (no credit card required) for 14 days and prepare your social media strategy using one of our templates or quickly and easily build your own based on your processes.