Moving and Repositioning Branches

Branches in MindGenius can be moved in relation to each other to change their position within the hierarchy of your map. When you reposition a branch with children its children will be repositioned with it.

The most efficient way to move a branch is by drag and drop – the drop symbols are shown below:

To change the position of a branch and its children:

  • Click and drag the branch you want to move
  • Drag the branch to its new location
  • Use the drop indicator to preview where the branch will drop if you release the mouse
  • Release the mouse to complete the move

To reposition level one branches and their children:

Branches in MindGenius maps are normally positioned automatically to make best use of the available workspace. This is known as auto-layout. When auto-layout is active it isn’t possible to freely reposition branches yourself, however, auto-layout can be disabled. When auto-layout is disabled you can reposition level 1 branches and their children to a location that you choose by clicking and dragging.

  • Turn off auto-layout by switching to the “format” ribbon, opening the “map settings” menu and de-selecting “auto layout”
  • Click and drag level 1 branches to their new locations