Marketing Campaign Planning

A marketing campaign has the overall aim of increasing brand awareness for your company or product and ultimately driving business growth as a result. Therefore, the overall success of the campaign requires well-structured up front planning.

Preparing a full marketing campaign involves establishing what the product or service offering is, agreeing who the target audience is, defining the master message, establishing channels to market, agreeing timescales, budget and resource for the campaign.

The mapping area of MindGenius helps you to develop the structure to your campaign. There are a series of questions you need to consider and the detail can be captured quickly either on your own or with input from your team:

Establish product or service offering:

What is being offered and what is unique about this. In what way, if any does this differ from anything being offered by the competition? Finally, establish the price point and any key benefits which would be derived from using this product or service. At this point, also consider the main competitors in more detail and their strengths and price points.

Agree target audience:

Prepare a persona of the ideal buyer and whether they will be B2B or B2C. Are you targeting a specific sector or job role and also consider location – worldwide or specific countries.

Channels to market:

Where will the target audience go to look for this product or service?  Will it be an online sale or face to face.  Are events important and will any print materials be required for promotion.


It is important to note when the campaign will start and end to be able to prepare the project plans for delivery.

Prepare content plans:

At this point, prepare any topics for content preparation, the type of content required and a plan for this to be written, proof read and approved.  All of this needs to be in line with the launch date.

Budget and resources:

At this point, as you start to plan – consideration needs to be given to the budget and resources available.  As is the case with any project, this will impact greatly on delivery.  

MindGenius not only lets you capture all of the answers to these questions, but then enables you to turn the resultant actions into a project plan which you can use to manage throughout the campaign. 

Download MindGenius for free (no credit card required) for 14 days and plan your next campaign plan using one of our templates or quickly and easily build your own based on your processes.