Link Types and Constraints in Gantt Mode

There are various ways you can link types and constraints with MindGenius in gantt mode.  It is not possible to use mental connections to define task links in the internal Gantt view.

The reason for this is that linking tasks in the Gantt view causes rescheduling to take place; that itself is dependent on constraints, e.g. start no earlier than, or must start on, and the type of link you’ve defined between tasks, e.g. finish to start, finish to finish etc. None of that functionality is available for mental connections.

MindGenius supports the following link types:

• Start to Start
• Finish to Start
• Finish to Finish
• Start to Finish

You can also define any of the common constraint types for your tasks:

• As soon as possible
• Finish no later than
• Finish no earlier than
• Must finish on
• Must start on
• Start no later than
• Start no earlier than