Layout Options

Use layout options to view your project from different perspectives. 

MindGenius default layout is the classic “Output Tree” layout, consisting of your core branch on the left and subsequent child branches “growing” from the core branch to the right.
Other layouts available are:

  •     Map Diagram (Clockwise Top Down)
  •     Input Tree (Top Down)
  •     Outline
  •     Affinity
  •     Organogram (Left to Right)
  •     Funnel (Left to Right)

The “Connector Type” controls have no effect for Affinity and Outline views.
Owing to their vertical layout Affinity and Outline views are suited best to providing a clear and concise view of data.
Curved connectors would require the use of significantly more horizontal screen space which is contrary to the purpose of these layouts.
(Note that MindGenius is not capable of making Fishbone diagrams or displaying multiple core branches)