Achieve Great Things When You Start With a Mind Map

What Is MindMapping?

A mind map aids understanding of any topic with a visual display of information. Start with an idea or subject and build out from that.  

Mind Mapping works the way your brain does by allowing you to note down words or phrases as they come into your head without the need for structure.  You can organise and make connections later but the starting point is simply to get all your information down.

By adding colours, symbols and images you can bring information to lie. This is key to a successful mind map – a highly visual display to enhance understanding of your topic.  

Why MindMapping?

Mind Mapping allows you to summarise a large amount of information in a way that makes it easier to understand and remember. Taking notes and breaking information down to understand it are perfect examples of uses.

Using Mind Mapping saves time because you don’t have to structure your thoughts as you take notes, you are able to add structure with connections once all your thoughts are captured.

The technique of Mind Mapping provides a creative way of thinking which improves memory recall making it the perfect tool for studying or understanding a topic for a presentation.

MindMapping with MindGenius

In MindGenius, the only limit is your own imagination. Start with your subject and build the information out.

Format your map style before you begin, including backgrounds, colours and connector styles. This makes your map unique to you and possibly the topic you are studying.

When you are ready to share your map detail with others, simply export your mind map out to a Micrsosoft Office programme or save as an image.