How to Float Branches

Floating branches can be achieved by adding a branch as a floating branch in the first place, or you can detach a normal branch to float it.
Here’s how to do both:
To add a floating branch:

  1. Switch to the “Insert” tab
  2. Select the “Floating Text” button
  3. Click within the workspace where you’d like your floating branch to be positioned
  4. Type the name of your floating branch and press “Enter”

To float an existing branch.

  1. Select the branch you want to float
  2. Click and drag to reposition as a floating branch

On some previous versions of MindGenius

  1. Select the branch you want to float
  2. Right click over the branch, hover over the “Floating Objects” item and select “Detach Branch”
  3. Once the branch has detached you can click and drag to reposition it where you’d like

(Note:branches with children cannot be floated. This is because floating objects cannot have children).