Guided Brainstorming For Problem Solving and Innovation

What Is Solution Finder?

Solution Finder in MindGenius builds on traditional brainstorming methods and is a powerful tool for problem solving and innovation. By breaking down thoughts into six parallel or lateral areas it allows a spectrum of thought from gut feeling to data analysis to be separately discussed. By using these six types of thinking in a structured way, teams can more effectively approach problem solving.

From a Blue Perspective lay down some rules of order and manage the process

From a White Perspective – focus on the facts

From a Yellow Perspective – explore values and benefits

From a Black Perspective – play Devil’s Advocate and apply critical thinking to test viability of new ideas and alternatives

From a Green Perspective – look for alternatives, new solutions and creative ideas without judgement

With any Solution Finder facilitated discussion one person controls the meeting and lays down some rules. Within Solution Finder this role performs their tasks from a bllue perspective. The facilitator is then responsible for guiding the team through the discussions. They key is to get the entire team looking at the problem from the same perspective.  If required, the discussions can be time limited using the countdown timer to keep the meeting flowing. 

Ultimately the role of facilitator is to guide hte meeting discussions and drive the outcome of the meeting to the key actions and next stages.

Why Solution Finder

Solution Finder is great for a variety of challenges:

  • Initial Ideas
  • Choosing Between Alternatives
  • Identifying Solutions
  • Performance Review Process
  • Quick Feedback
  • Solving Problems
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Improvement

Dependant on the problem, the preset Question Sets for each challenge guide you through the different perspectives to be applied.

Try Solution Finder for your next brainstorming session.