Creating Templates so Every Map Uses a Custom Style

If you’ve created a custom style that you want to apply to every map, the best approach for doing this automatically is to create a custom template that all your new maps are based on.

Here’s how you’d do that step by step:

  1. Click the “New button to create a new map (you don’t need to add any content)
  2. Switch to the “Format” tab, open the “Themes” gallery and selection “change Style …”
  3. Open the “Select a style to edit list and select “Core”
  4. Change the properties available on each of the 4 tabs to achieve the style you want. You should repeat steps 3 and 4 for each of the levels available in the “Select a style to edit” list. Once you’ve set the styles for each level, click “OK”. Then…
  5. Open the application menu, hover over “Save As” and select “MindGenius Template”
  6. Choose a name for your template and click “Save”. Now that you’ve created your custom template you’ll want to set it as the default. That way any new maps you create will use that template to define their style and any default content (if you added any).
  7. Switch to the “Tools” tab
  8. Click the “Options” button
  9. Once the “Options” dialog appears switch to the “display” tab
  10. Click the Ellipses […] next to the “current Default Template” field
  11. Select the template you created above and click “open”
  12. Click “OK”

Every new map you create from now on will use your custom template to define its layout, its style and any default content you added to the template.