Changing the Save Location for Checked-out Maps

Depending on the setting you’re using, MindGenius will either download your map and store an offline copy of it in your local drafts folder, or the file will be held on the SharePoint server and no local copy will be taken.

By default MindGenius will download your map to your local drafts folder, called “My MindGenius Drafts” and located in your “Documents” folder. In most cases that’s beneficial because it means you don’t need to have an active internet connection all the time, so you can work on your maps on the train or while you’re out and about and save your changes locally. Then once you’re back online you can check the map back in for others to see.

You can change the location of your drafts folder via the “Options” dialog.

To do that:

  1. Switch to the “Tools” tab
  2. Click the “Options” button
  3. Switch to the “SharePoint” tab
  4. Enter or browse for a new location
  5. Click “OK”

There’s more information available on check in/check out in the product help file.

To open the help file:

  1. Open MindGenius
  2. Strike the “F1” key twice
  3. Switch to the “Search” tab of the help dialog
  4. Search for “Check Out Settings”