Application Layout

The MindGenius interface consists of Map Editor, File Menu, Ribbon Navigation, Task Pane, Map Explorer and Template and Support Panel

Map Editor:

The map editor is where you create and edit your maps, brainstorms or projects.

Templates and Support Pane:

This template and support pane contains a categorised list of templates that can be helpful in creating your maps. Templates contain pre-defined content that can help you better explore a subject. Switch to the second tab to see a list of support links and resources.  

Map Explorer:

The map explorer contains a view of your map arranged in a hierarchical tree structure. You can use the map explorer to focus down on a specific area of your map or to bring an area into view. 

Task Pane:

The task pane provides access to several different panels; the notes editor, the quick-access category gallery, question sets and picture gallery. The active panel is selected using the toolbar along the bottom edge of the pane. 

File Menu:

The file menu is the location for some of the core application functionality like Printing, Importing and Exporting. 


The ribbon houses commands used to create, format, analyse and action your map. The ribbon is split into several different tabs, each tab contains functionality to a process, e.g. map creation, formatting, analysis, tasks and export.