Add, Edit and Delete Branches

MindGenius mind maps are made up of branches. Each branch represents a piece of information in the map. These branches are linked together by connectors to show their relationship to one another. By developing information in this visual way, you can take advantage of the concept of mind mapping to aid information recall and is used by MindGenius to aid information retrieval.

Add branches to the mind map efficiently by using type-and-return. In addition, if you use the cursor keys to change branch selection your hands will never have to leave the keyboard.

Branches can be created by:

  • Type and return to add a new child branch to the selection
  • Typing ctrl+shift+insert to add a parent to the selection
  • Typing enter to add a sibling to the selection
  • Copying and pasting within the map
  • Copying from another application or browser and pasting within the map

To Add a Branch:

  • Select a branch to become the parent (new branches till be added as a child of this one)
  • Begin typing the names of the new branch
  • Press the “Enter” key to add the branch to the map

When you add a new branch to the map the parent branch remains selected. This means you can continue to add more children to the same parent using type-and-return, or change your selection to add branches to a different parent.

To Edit a Branch:

  • Double click a branch title
  • Make changes to the branch title then press “Enter”

To Delete a Branch:

  • Select the branch to be deleted
  • Press the “delete” button on the keyboard
  • The “delete confirmation” dialog will be presented. On this dialog you can choose what should happen to the branch’s children
    • ​To delete with children, ensure the checkbox “including child branches” is checked
    • To delete without children so tha children are promoted, ensure the checkbox “including child branches” is not checked

Quick Tip:

By default, type and return maintains focus with the parent branch, allowing you to quickly add several children to it. This can be changed so that the newly added child branch inherits focus when it is added, which you can do in MindGenius settings.