Employee Performance Review Mind Map

Ensure your employees are reaching their full potential with regular employee reviews.

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1. Performance Review Preparation. Never go into a performance review without preparation.
    1.1. Copy template and invite employee to Barvas to enable collaborative sharing of performance               review
    1.2. First Quarterly Review Preparation
    1.3. Second Quarterly Review Preparation
    1.4. Third Quarterly Review Preparation
    1.5. 4th Quarterly Review Preparation
2. Feedback. In the interest of providing regular feedback, performance reviews are not an annual event and quarterly is recommended
    2.1. First Quarterly Review Feedback. 
           2.1.1. Following discussions it is important to record and document your feedback.
    2.2. Second Quarterly Review Feedback
    2.3. Third Quarterly Review Feedback
    2.4. 4th Quarterly Review Feedback
3. Future 
    3.1. Agree 3 months goals and objectives
          3.1.1. What do you expect to be the most challenging about the goals for this quarter?
          3.1.2. What kind of schedule can we set up so that you don’t feel micro-managed, but i receive                        the feedback that I need as to your progress on your goals?
    3.2. Agree 12 months goals and objectives
4. Proactive Question Sets. You want an employee who is motivated and excited about their ability to continue to grow, develop and contribute. Aim for performance review meetings with open ended questions as attached
    4.1. Review Template Question Set
    4.2. Do you see a future for yourself within the business?
    4.3. What role would you like to be doing in 2 years time?
    4.4. How do you think you have performed in the last 3 months?
    4.5. What has worked well?
          4.5.1. Why?
          4.5.2. What can we learn from it?
    4.6. What hasn’t worked well?
          4.6.1. Why?
          4.6.2. What can we learn from it?
    4.7. Individual Role
          4.7.1. What do you understand your role responsibilities to be?
          4.7.2. Where do you see your strengths in delivering against those?
          4.7.3. Where do you see the need for assistance to deliver against expectations of you and your               team?
          4.7.4. What are your favorite aspects of your current role?
          4.7.5. What aspects of your role do you consider non-value add?
          4.7.6. Where do you feel you need to develop as…
           an individual?
           a team leader?
           a member of the management team?
          4.7.7. How can we assess how well you are performing in your role?
          4.7.8. What actions do we need to plan to keep role challenging and interesting?
          4.7.9. What strengths do you possess that are not getting to deploy in your role?
    4.8. For a Team Leader
          4.8.1. How do you rate your team?
          4.8.2. What elements work?
          4.8.3. What elements don’t work?
          4.8.4. What needs to happen to drive improvement?
          4.8.5. If you had a blank cheque and no baggage, what would you have in your team and why?
          4.8.6. What is stopping the team from being outstandingly successful at this time?
          4.8.7. How do we overcome those challenges?
    4.9. For a member of key management team
          4.9.1. Marketplace
           How do you view the marketplace you have responsibility for?
           Is it receptive to the products we offer?
           Where is the low hanging fruit?
                     How can it be capitalsied upon?
          4.9.2. Product
           How do you rate the product fit for the marketplace?
           If you could change one thing in the product what would it be?
          4.10. What training do you need to achieve your goals?
          4.11. How can I help you achieve your objectives?
          4.12. What would you like me to do differently?