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MindGenius is market leading software for mind mapping, planning and management of projects for students, learners, educators and managers in education.

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This guide is designed to provide comprehensive information, guidance and help to a wide range of people who are going to provide support, promote, teach or use MindGenius software within an Educational environment (such as Schools, Colleges and Universities).

Typically such people will be:

  • Students and Learners
  • Lecturers / Teaching Staff / Educators
  • Effective Learning Advisors (ELAs)
  • Assisted Learning Specialists
  • Management and Leadership
  • Planners and Project Workers / Managers
  • IT / IS Technical and Support
  • Marketing professionals (including social media)

We have included information in the guide on:

  • What MindGenius is
  • How MindGenius helps in the various aspects of MindGenius
  • Hints, Tips and Advice on applying and using MindGenius in varying aspects of education. e.g. learning, teaching, planning, projects and management
  • Links to videos to show the power of MindGenius for specific users
  • Our template library has a range of topics built as downloable templates to help you get started

What Is MindGenius and

Why Is It So Good For Education?

MindGenius is tried and tested mind mapping, planning and project management software having been available to the Education Sector globally since 2001.

MindGenius contains specific resources created with Education and Learning in mind and is used for:

  • Study
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Projects
  • Research
  • Thesis Planning
  • Reports
  • Assisted Learning

A cores strength of MindGenius is the ability to brainstorm and capture ideas, either individually or in a group, and create a visual representation.

Visualising ideas in this way helps build understanding on any topic and is a good basis for essay, dissertation and report frameworks. MindGenius also contains functionality to help with studying and managing tasks and projects. 

Since 2001, MindGenius has been used extensively in schools, colleges and universities, by students, teachers, lecturers, staff and management for studying, collaborative learning, research, theses and dissertation planning, report writing, task management, projects and many other challenges, tasks and activities.

Body of Knowledge

With MindGenius, you can build up a relevant Body of Knowledge on any subject Build the mind map with learnings from lab work and tutorials placed alongside relevant lecture material without ever having to waste time on format and layout.  Personalise your mind map in a way that suits you.  Add links to additional information and highlight key points to make them stand out. 

With each lecture, lab work and tutorial, see your Body of Knowledge grow:

  • It becomes the single point of reference for everything related to that subject
  • Allows you to carry out deep and meaningful searches to help with understanding, plan assignments and projects to get work done
  • Reduce the time it takes to prepare for assignments, essays, projects, dissertations and exams

Take the stress out of learning by using tools that let you see how information is related, asscoiated or linked:

  • Engages your cognitive powers and stimulates thinking
  • Enjoy the process of learning
  • Provide more depth to your answers
  • Achieve better grades

Colleges and Universities

MindGenius helps students and lecturers improve study and research techniques, assists with creating stimulating collaborative learning sessions and helps with the management of projects:

  • Aids the brainstorming process at the start of any project or piece of work
  • Offers a dashboard to gather and collate research data
  • Create skeletal frameworks for essays and reports and easily identify any gaps
  • Helps improve memory recall for study
  • Visualise stages and tasks required to successfully deliver projects
  • Produce presentations, essays and reports directly for MindGenius maps
  •  Offers a visual focus for class discussion and encourages peer-to-peer-learning
  • Helps develop creative thinking skills

Learn more with our video for teachers and lecturers:


MindGenius can be used throughout your school, for study, collaborative learning session and to help manage all tasks and projects:

  • Supports personalised learning to complement different learning styles
  • Motivate students to get involved in class discussion when used with a whiteboard
  • Gather and organise information generated in class and use as hand-outs or study guides
  • Produce and refine lesson plans
  • Helps students develop creative thinking skills
  • Presentations, essays and reports can be created directly from MindGenius maps

Learn more with our video for teachers and lecturers:


Use MindGenius to create quick and effective study notes, undertake thorough research and comprehensively plan and manage your projects. Whether it’s your dissertation or thesis, or a class project, you will be able to capture, visualise and manage all of the information you need to work with:

  • Summarise a topic or a course in a visual format that helps you to build understanding 
  • Improve memory recall by adding colour and pictures
  • Recognise relationships between ideas
  • Gives you a visual platform to collate and group information from different sources
  • Recognise quickly and easily the areas you have covered and what you still need to do
  • Presentations, essays and reports can be created directly from MindGenius maps

Learn the difference MindGenius can make for students with our video:

Assisted Learning:

MindGenius is ideal for learners with Assisted Learning needs and can be used to support students with course work, literacy and developing strategies to cope with specific Assisted Learning difficulties:

  • The process of building a map and disseminating information can help build understanding on any topic
  • Can be used to help classify information and work out the information to be included in essays and projects
  • Ability to add colour and graphic aids memory recall for all students
  • Good motivating tool for those who do not enjoy writing
  • Allows students to see all the information in context, with words, pictures, links etc.
  • Supports personalised learning to complement different learning styles

Book a demo with us and let us show you the difference MindGenius can make for pupils and students dealing with the 

Management and Leadership:

MindGenius helps staff and management in Colleges and Universities capture ideas, visualise information, reach well-informed decisions, plan thoroughly, produce presentations and reports, assign and manage tasks and activities and manage projects more effectively:

  • Aids the brainstorming process at the start of any strategy, plan, project or piece of work 
  • Offers a dashboard to gather and collate research data
  • Create skeletal frameworks for reports and plans and easily identify any gaps
  • Visualise stages and tasks required to successfully deliver projects
  • Produce presentations, essays and reports directly from MindGenius maps

Project Workers and Managers:

MindGenius can be used to plan and manage projects of all sizes, helping you to gather requirements, visualise a project’s scope, create Gantt charts and much more.

Initiate – quickly start projects, gather requirements and gain buy-in with a visual planning tool that encourages interaction and brings clarity to project planning.

Plan – seamlessly translate ideas and requirements into actionable and adaptable project plans, driving momentum through the project scope and planning stages.

Manage, monitor and control projects with visibility and flexibility, while integrating with your existing tools and processes. 

Use MindGenius to quickly capture ideas and information during project brainstorming sessions:

  • Can be used as an alternative to whiteboards and flip charts
  • The visual layout of information encourages interaction and provides clarity
  • Apply to requirements, identifying project risks and problem-solving activities

Available Campus Wide

MindGenius has been the leading mind mapping, planning and project management software in Education since 2001. The uses and applications are wide and varied – from students and learners, through to staff, departments and management. 

Below are just some of the schools, colleges and universities who have implemented MindGenius campus-wide.

mindgenius education customers

You can bring all the benefits of MindGenius to everyone at your school through special campus-wide licensing. You can provide all instructors and all students with MindGenius – and see the difference this cognitive power tool will make in their everyday performance and productivity. Join forward-thinking Colleges and Universities that have equipped their faculty and students with MindGenius.

Try MindGenius completely FREE for 14 days to see how much your school, college or university could benefit.

Template Library

MindGenius comes complete with a range of templates to help get you started – below are the templates we have available for education.