This template offers a guide on planning and structuring a dissertation topic.

Start in the map and follow the initial questions to guide your choice of topic, the research you will need to undertake and once you have collated all of your research, how you can then structure that into your final dissertation.

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1. Dissertation
 1.1. Question
    1.1.1. What interests you?
    1.1.2. Major trends you can research
    1.1.3. Can you get information on this?
 1.2. Introduction
    1.2.1. State layout of dissertation
    1.2.2. Outline key objectives
 1.3. Literature Review
    1.3.1. General topics to be researched
    1.3.2. How many references are you aiming for?
    1.3.3. Where to find references
 Online database
 1.4. Methodology
    1.4.1. What type of information do you need?
 Is there lots of research on this topic?
 General opinions
 Personal accounts
 In depth
    1.4.2. What type of research are you going to do?
    1.4.3. What strengths do you posses that will help you gather information?
    1.4.4. How will you analyse the information you gather?
    1.4.5. What techniques have researchers on similar topics used?
 1.5. Findings/Discussion
    1.5.1. What are my key findings?
    1.5.2. How do they relate to my literature review?
    1.5.3. Have I fulfilled my objectives?
    1.5.4. What new information have you found?
 1.6. Conclusions/Limitations
    1.6.1. Overview of findings
    1.6.2. What was successful?
 Sufficient number of participants
    1.6.3. Ideas for future research